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Request your help / recommendation for an AV receiver for a new Atmos system

Amps, Pre-Pros & Receivers -
Good evening,

Currently have a 7.1 system and I am now in the process of upgrading the AV receiver and adding four

in-ceiling speakers. Have had a chance to spend some quality time listening to a high quality 11 channel system and the experience was awesome.

The 3 AV 11-channel receivers that we are considering are listed below:

Anthem MRX 1120

Denon ACR-X6300H

Integra DRX-R1

The ceiling speakers that I am considering are the Goldenear HTR-7000.

The current Audio/Video system is listed below:

Receiver - Pioneer SC- 05 - 130 Watts

APC H15 Power Conditioner

Oppo BDP 103D - Blue Ray player

Vandersteen 2C - Front main speakers

Goldenear XL - Center channel

SVS Ultra 13 - Subwoofer

Paradigm ADP-590 bipolar side surrounds

Paradigm Studio 20 -V5 rear surrounds

Speakers bi-wired w/#12 copper Audio Cable

Panasonic 65 inch Plasma ZT-65

The room size is 14 feet by 20 feet with an open end.

The SC-05 has plenty of power for our needs, but cannot be converted to an 11 channel system.

Logistics has prevented me from comparing these 3 receivers side by side and therefore I am hoping to get some feedback from anyone that is very familiar with the 3 receivers or owns one or more and can share some information about the performance of these.

We are currently not considering "The separate Pre amp/ Amp component route", but do like the idea of having everything in a single box.

For the Room / speaker correction setup the Anthem has the ARC, Denon has Audyssey XT32, and the Integra has AccuEQ. The Denon has the legacy setup for phono, and Bluetooth and a built in HD radio tuner.

We are not much interested in the multi-room speaker capability at this time. We do lean toward family movie watching but also enjoy the direct 2 channel music as well.

A previous model Onkyo had lots of power but was a bit quirky to use, and the current Pioneer SC-05 meets our needs for volume. Had a previous Yamaha but had a few issues, so the Onkyo & Yamaha AVR's are not on our short list.

What we do appreciate in a new AVR is: Good sound quality, user friendliness, high quality build, some what "future proof", decent value. (There may be a few other characteristics that I have over looked.)

For the ceiling speakers I have only heard the Goldenear HTR-7000 speakers. I have also heard about Sonance, Definitive Technology, and Revel, but I am honestly not up to speed on those speakers at this time.

If you can make an experienced recommendation on the 11 channel AVR and a very good ceiling speaker I would be very grateful for your help with this recommendation.

Thank you very much!


(first time poster.)
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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