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Focal Maestro Utopia , need advice for AMP/PRE

Receivers, Amps, and Processors -
this is my current setup:

acoustic zen silver reference ii XLR interconnect

Cardas Clear speaker cable

wireworld platinum usb cable

Focal Electra 1038 be II (replaced now with the Maestro)

Pass labs X350.5

Pass labs Xp10 pre

Oppo BDP-105

PC computer

i red review , using Clasee 600 Amp to drive it

they said that this speakers need a lot of power

also Focal Dealer told me that the Maestro it's the most demanding speakers for high dumping/current from all the utopia range

finally connect the new speakers,

they are in another league compare to my Electra 1038

the sound now have "weight"

i feel that the Pass are slightly "dull"

i'm looking for more dynamic and aggressive

i asked Focal Dealer: Apex Audio and Roy Gregory (a reviewer from Hifi+) that have a lot of experience with Focal Utopia models

both not like Pass with Utopia

and both recommend Aesthetix Atlas Mono

Roy also like VTL 450 III

Apex like Accuphase A-65 (Roy think A-65 lack of power to drive the Maestro)

someone can advice or know any Maestro owner?
Date: Dec 15, 2013   

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