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New Pioneer VSX-821K frustrating problem with cable box.

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Hey guys,

I've never used this forum before but after you all seem rather helpful and I need some help so here i am.

Just bought a VSK-821K and I'm having a problem that is getting really frustrating.

Trying to hook the cable box into the receiver through HDMI and just don't get any sound, picture is there but no hint of sound. I basically had the HDMI out from the cable box going into VIDEO 1 on the receiver and HDMI out from receiver into HDMI input on the tv...

But that hasn't worked so I've resorted to running the HDMI out from cable box to HDMI input on the tv and using rca out from cable box to the receiver. Which almost seems against the point of having a receiver that should be able to sort it all from HDMI.

Do I need to have a optical cable from the cable box to receiver? I know full well that the cable box outputs sound and video from its HDMI output.

I hope that makes sense? What is going on here?
Date: Jun 3, 2013   

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