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Need Help - Dolby Atmos not working

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Hi all,

I am a newbie on home audio setup and I am experiencing my first problem with Dolby Atmos setup. No matter what combinations I tried, all I got is the receiver showing DTHD 5.1 and no Atmos, even though YPAO shows all speakers sounded correctly at 5.1.2

My system:

Sony XBR65X850E HDTV

Sony UBP-X800 / Samsung K8500 4K Bluray Player

Yamaha RX-A770 Receiver

Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR, SP-C22 and SP-BS22-LR Speakers



1. Power Amp Assign to Basic

2. Front Presence set to small at 80Hz

3. The rest set to small at 80Hz

4. YPAO calibration completed with all 5.1.2 sounds available during Test Tone

5. Adaptive DSP Level - Off

6. Cinema DSP 3D Mode - Off

7. Virtual Surround Back Speaker - Off

8. Object Decode Mode - Disable

9. DSP - Straight

10. Bluray Input - HDMI1

Sony UBP-X800

1. Digital Audio Output - Auto

2. DSD Output Mode - Off

3. BD Audio MIX Setting - Off

4. DTS Neo:6 - Off

5. DSEE HX - Off

6. Audio DRC - Off

7. Downmix - Surround (The other option is Stereo, can't turn it off, tried both with same result)

I tried HDMI1 to TV and HDMI2 to receiver with no luck, all I got is DTHD shows on the receiver screen

I also swapped my Sony bluray player with Samsung player with same audio output result.

Samsung K8500

1. Digital Output - Bitstream (Unprocessed)

2. PCM Downsampling - Off

3. Dynamic Range Control - Off

4. Downmixing Mode - Surround Compatible (The other option is Normal, can't turn it off, tried both with same result)

5. DTS Neo:6 Mode - Off

6. HDMI Audio Output - Auto (Tried one HDMI to TV and the other to Receiver, same result)

I tried everything possible based on my limited knowledge on Atmos setup and none of them works. I am lost and anyone who can help is highly appreciated.

Date: Jan 13, 2018   

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