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Wish Upon Blu-ray Review

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Ralph Potts reviews this horror thriller about a teenage girl that is given a music box that grants the user seven wishes, and carries a deadly price for using them.

The Review at a Glance:

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Studio and Year: Broadgreen Pictures - 2017

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Feature running time: 90/91 minutes

Genre: Horror

Disc Format: BD-50

Encoding: AVC

Video Aspect: 2.40:1

Resolution: 1080p/24

Audio Format(s): English DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio, Spanish DTS 5.1

Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish

Starring: Joey King, Ryan Phillippe, Elisabeth Rohm, Ki Hong Lee, Sydney Park

Directed by: John R. Leonetti

Music by: Tomandandy

Written by: Barbara Marshall

Region Code: A

Release Date: October 10, 2017

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

My Take:

After her father (Ryan Phillippe) presents her with a mysterious music box, Clare Shannon (Joey King) is surprised to find her every wish coming true. Her joy slowly morphs into terror as she begins to realize the bloody price of each new wish.

Wish Upon is a paint by the numbers chiller that contains the requisite foundational elements to make for a watchable mystery/horror story. The narrative ticks the boxes as it begins with a brief and rather bizarre introduction which is explained later, sort of. A bit more background is brought to light later as the history behind the mysterious music box, as well as its price becomes evident. From there things quickly unravel, with a series of mysterious deaths that coincide with each fulfilled wish made by Clare. Once she comes to truly understand the magnitude of what she has become involved in she struggles with the consequences of giving it up. Of course, there comes a point at which she must and does make a decision to act. The question is, is it too late?

There is little about Wish Upon that feels fresh, it really never musters enough creepiness to put even a mild chill in the air. There are unanswered questions that deflate any chance at making the plot remotely interesting to a discerning genre fan. I do like Joey King and thought she was very decent here. The supporting cast, with the exception of Ryan Phillippe and Jerry O’Connell (his cameo is actually laughable), aren’t bad, but add very little. At the end of the day I found Wish Upon to be an effectual and campy horror movie that didn’t leave an impression.

Both the theatrical, and 1 minute longer, unrated version are included.

Replay Value:

Parental Guide:

The rating is for violent and disturbing images, thematic elements and language.

AUDIO/VIDEO - By The Numbers:

REFERENCE = 92-100/EXCELLENT = 83-91/GOOD = 74-82/AVERAGE = 65-73/BELOW AVERAGE = under 65

**My audio/video ratings are based upon a comparative made against other high definition media/blu-ray disc.**

Audio: 86

(Each rating is worth 4 points with a max of 5 per category)

- Dynamics:

- Low frequency effects:

- Surround Sound presentation:

- Clarity/Detail:

- Dialog Reproduction:

- DSU/DTS Neural:X Rating * (non-rated element):

Video: 90

(Each rating is worth 4 points with a max of 5 per category)

- Resolution/Clarity:

- Black Level/Shadow Detail:

- Color Reproduction:

- Fleshtones:

- Compression:

Wish Upon comes to Blu-ray Disc from Broadgreen Pictures featuring 1080p AVC encoded video that has an average bitrate of 25 Mbps and lossless DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio sound that has an average bitrate of 3.2 Mbps.

This film’s visual style doesn’t lend itself to eye catching color or infinite levels of dimension but this is a creative decision that doesn’t reflect negatively on its presentation. Resolution is excellent with clearly rendered images that exhibit refined levels of detail during close ups and discernible depth of field in wide angle shots. The chromatic range is purposefully limited to muted primary colors and softer secondary hues. That coupled with the drab lighting schemes and dark cinematography makes for a visually pallid but thematically affecting look. Skin tones among the cast vary and range from Rosy to pale while appearing textural and predominantly lifelike. Blacks are respectable and shadow detail is excellent. I didn’t see any signs of video related artifacts in this whistle clean high definition presentation that looks great.

The lossless DTS-HD MA soundtrack offers detail rich clarity while making use of the entire surround platform to support the film’s thematic elements. Dialog is firmly planted in the center channel and clearly renders voices and effects with appropriate distinction and balance within the front soundstage. The detection of subtle background sounds, off camera cues and spatial dimension within the room’s acoustic environment is notable. Dynamic range is solid which enriches the authority of low frequency effects contained in the mix. There isn’t perpetual use of the surround channels and subwoofer however when applied the effects are complimentary.

Bonus Features:

- I Wish: The Cast Share What They Would Wish For

- Attic Tour with Joey King

- Directing Darkness: John Leonetti and Cast Talk About Developing a Horror Film

- Motion Comics: Lu Mei’s Curse and Arthur Sands Reveal the Stories Behind Previous Onwers of the Box

- Bonus DVD

Final Thoughts:

Wish Upon is a poorly conceived, and executed genre entry that will more than likely fail to engage even the most skittish viewers. It comes to Blu-ray from Broadgreen Pictures featuring solid high definition video, decent lossless sound and a middling supplemental package. Wish Upon is a swing, and miss that is best left for viewing on cable TV when you're looking for something to nod off to.

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