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PS3 Component cable. Displays but NO SOUND!

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I recently bought a Pioneer PDP-433PE plasma display with attached speakers and a Pioneer PDP-R03E media receiver.

I am connecting my PS3 to the media receiver via component cable. So I have the display cables (Red, Green and Blue) connected to the corresponding sockets. I get a visual output just fine. At 720p as the 1080i is a little too big a resolution. 1080p is not supported.

Anyway the way I understand it I have the two connectors left. AUDIO OUTPUT!

I have RED and WHITE output connectors. The input ports on the media receiver are located around the front. So I have bought two adapters and connected them as follows. One which converts the RED and WHITE to a standard 3.5mm audio jack. I have then connected the adapter which converts the 3.5mm audio jack back to two RED and WHITE cables. I did this because my cables were too short to reach the front RED, WHITE and YELLOW ports around the front of the box. It did not work !!! I have also tried only using the first adapter and plugging it into the 3.5mm input around the front of the receiver. That did not work either.

Before you think it I have changed the settings on my PS3 sound ouput to the RED and WHITE cables. Without success.

Now I am about to try using a SCART adapter which converts the RED, WHITE and YELLOW cables to SCART. The adapter has a switch to swap between in and out so I will switch it to IN. I am doing this because I read that some Pioneer receivers are configured in such a way that you can only get sound using SCART inputs 1 or 2 at the back of the receiver. If this is true I will be both super F***KING angry and euphoric!

When going through the TV's menu I can only use input 3 to receive the component display signal from the PS3 which is fine. So I am wondering whether I will have to use SCART input 3 for the sound. I am thinking this may work as when you go through the setup for the PS3 sound output it shows a picture with the RED and WHITE outputs and the SCART adaptor, along with the PS3 end of the composite cable.

IF someone could please help me find a solution I would be beyond greatful! I am losing my stuff with this!

Date: Jun 7, 2013   

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