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Mitsubishi VCRs care and maintenance advice?

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I stumbled rather backwards into picking up a couple Mitsubishi VCRs that I was planning on using as upgrades from one of those super cheap all plastic "auto rewinders".

I had heard the Mitsubishi transports were tough and fast and had an onscreen tape timer and that all sounded useful to me, plus they were really inexpensive.

The models I got are the Mitsubishi HS-U448 and HS-U748

I had no idea if they were good performers as VCRs or not, I was planning on basically using them as "winders" for my VHS to Digital transfer project.

I normally frequent a different forum site that specializes (kind of) in JVC and Panasonic and didn't have a lot of info on Mitsubishi VCRs.

So I visited this site and started reading and find out, under certain circumstances the Mitsubishi VCRs can be quite nice and appropriate as primary players. (Now) I'm interested in taking good care of them and not abusing them so much.

First the numbering scheme confuses me, U448 vs U748, then what's the difference between a U748 or U749? Are there any models to avoid.. like U560, U660? I almost picked up a U791 just because the number was higher. I'm really uninformed about the Mitsubishi product line and its quality over time.

Are there any good service centers left that will take in a Mitsubishi for regular maintenance and repair? (I don't mind cleaning a little bit.. but would never touch the heads.. and I absolutely refuse to try to adjust the tape path or tracking heads.)

Thanks for anyone's suggestions.

background info on my setup/project follows:

project start time, end of jan 2018

panasonic ag1970

panasonic ag5710

jvc hr-s5902

jvc sr-vs30

jvc sr-mv55

magnavox mdr-865

mitsubishi hs-u448

mitsubishi hs-u748

one supremely "cheap" plastic autowinder


ati aiw 7500 pci xp

ati aiw 9600 agp xp

ati tw 550 pci xp

creative video editor (dominofx) usb xp

creative video blaster editor (dominofx) usb xp

goals: ~750 tapes of varied quality, from pro to broadcast capture from 1981 to 2009 on an unknown number of VCRs from texas to california and back - destination, AVI lossless compression on a Stablebit Drive Pool Windows 7 media server.. considering mpeg2 or full dvd conversion, but not committed to it at this time. (and I know very little about the magnavox mdr865, picked it up new. another recommendation from a forum member.. they said, don't think.. just do.. you can sell it later if you don't use it.)
Date: Jan 12, 2018   

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