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Now that both Bell & Telus allow scheduling of PVR recordings over the Web, does anybody know if Rogers intends to do the same, and if so will it work on both the 8300 and 8642?

Edit by 57 on 2011.06.19. Here's the link to the Rogers information on Remote TV Manager (Anyplace Home Edition). Please use this link to learn the "FAQs" and "How To"s before asking questions in this thread that are covered by Rogers... See recent posts in this thread for additional information.

(These links sometimes go dead, so search the Rogers Website for "Rogers Anyplace" and you'll find additional information.)

Points to note:

1. The SA8300HD (SARA), the Cisco 8642 and 9865 (running RTN firmware) are now supported

2. Available to those with iPhone, iPads with the app.

3. Now available to those with regular computers via the "Manage my Recordings" link under the "TV" Tab of your Rogers Account Overview page. (The earlier "workaround" link that I got from Rogers in post 63 of this thread does not work) Edit - as of April 2015, the web-based version link was gone, but is back as of September - see new instructions in the bolding below

You may need one of the later browser versions...

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

For App discussions, you may also use this thread. The apps are currently working properly.

How to download and manage the Rogers Anyplace TV - Tablets Application:

Edit by 57: 2015.09.11:

Rogers Web-based AnyPlace (Manage PVR) is working again as of a couple of days ago. It no longer functions in the same way as before and is much simpler and quicker to use. Simply go to the webpage link below, click on "Manage PVR" near the top of the page in the red banner to the right of "Kids Zone". Then login. If you select "remember me" all of this should only be one click away after bookmarking/using the link below:

Watch TV and Movies Online - Free in Canada! (Bookmark this simple link BEFORE clicking Manage PVR, NOT the complex link after clicking Manage PVR) The URL should look like: "" without the quotes.

If you cannot see "Manage PVR" in the red bar or you have other problems, then try the following:

- Login to Rogers before clicking on the link above

- Make sure you have JavaScript enabled

- Make sure you allow cookies

- If you still can't see it, delete Rogers cookies from your browser and retry.

- Try a different browser/computer.

- Make sure Pop-ups are not disabled

- You should be able to see your Rogers' username at the top of the page - if you don't sign out, it'll remember you for next time and you only need to click on "Manage PVR" and it'll bring up the guide, PVR(s), etc.

- If you can't see your PVR(s) after several attempts at using AnyPlace, say over a two day period, do a reboot of the PVR(s)

Sometimes it may not bring up the guide for some people due to system delays, but it should work most of the time, as it did before Rogers removed the functionality almost five months ago. Remember also that if you're travelling, the system is often down for maintenance in the early morning hours Eastern Time.

If you have more than one PVR that you wish to see your recordings/scheduled recordings, you need to select the "other" PVR from the dropdown list in the PVR Pop-up, not where they are listed when you're using the guide - that is where you select which programming goes on which PVR - two different functions.

Edit by 57 - 2015.11.30

For those wishing to use the browser on their tablet, it is possible using the following instructions - post 95 (instructions are for an iPad, but are applicable with appropriate modifications to any tablet/browser combination:

Re: RAPTV Home Edition for pad crashes in iOS9 - Page 10 - Rogers Community
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