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Vintage Speakers For Sale ? Klipsch, ADS, KEF, KLH, Accoustat, Dahlquist and AR LST 2

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HIONFI is offering a New Years Special on high-end vintage speakers. All speakers listed are fully tested and in perfect working order. If interested, you can audition them at our store in Shoppingtown Mall Syracuse, NY, if you would like additional photos or information, contact us at 315.396.5311

1971 Klipsch KHorns $1,995.00

1971 Klipsch Cornwall Two $1,000.00

Accoustat Spectra 33 $1,000.00

ADS L910 w/stands $650.00

Dahlquist DQ10 $500.00

KEF 105/3 w/Cube - Refoamed $850.00

KLH Model 9 $500.00

AR LST-2 $1,200.00

We loaded as many images as AK allows per listing, contact us for additional images.
Date: Jan 4, 2014   

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