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The "Ramp It Up" Theater

Dedicated Theater Design & Construction -
A poster hallway ramps up to the rear of the riser so that you enter at the riser level - hence the name. Although I have seen riser rear entry layouts, I have not seen them in the context of a ramp. I have built two other dedicated theaters in our previous homes, but I knowingly took shortcuts in those builds because I knew we would leave those homes after only living a couple years in each home. This time around, the family has settled into our be-all-end-all new construction home, so I felt that any new theater build should cut no corners. This theater was part of a two-year compartmentalized basement build-out across 2000 sq ft (my overly-optimistic plan was to wrap this up in 8 months - everyone on here who has children and has done the work themselves knows what I'm talking about ) with game room, gym, kids play/bunk area, workbench area, non-theater equipment rack room, and junk room.

Sound isolation was the underyling building principle in the theater (which is so satisfying that it naturally carried over to the gym build), so double wall and/or IB1 clips w/ hat channel separating any adjoining walls, IB3 clips for ceiling w/ hat channel and 5/8" DDGG, GG sandwiched between 15/32 OSB and drywall on all vertical walls, Atmos speaker and in-wall speaker backer boxes, etc. Then I did HVAC plenums, ritualistic sand-filled stage, open riser with corner vents for bass trap, etc. Nothing that hasn't been done before in your typical AVS thorough build. Therefore, the following build pics will be of more atypical things in case anyone doing a keyword search finds their way to this thread.

An intro can't be complete without giving thanks to Big for all the knowledge and pics that he shares and, of course, the products and advice provided by Ted White at the Soundproofing Company that we all rely on that allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labor at reference levels while our families sleep. And, of course, thanks to everyone else for posting their builds.


- Elite Screens Aeon AcousticPro UHD 150" 16:9

- Epson 5040UB

- Omnimount RE27 rack

- Denon AVR-X4400H (powering surround, rear, and Atmos)

- Emotiva XPA-3 Gen3 (powering LCR)

- LG UP875 4K UHD 3D player

- Intel NUC running LibreElec Kodi

- PS4

- Cyberpower UPS w/ Furman power conditioner

- Speaker setup 7.2.4

LCR - Revel Concerta2 F36

rear and surrounds - Axiom M22 v3

Atmos - Monoprice 6.5" 15698

subs - dual SVS PC4000Control

- URC MX450 remote w/ RF receiver and IR transmitter; FLIRC USB dongle

All lights in the house are wired to UPB switches, so the Kodi plugin for my Homeseer home automation system allows for automatic lighting (e.g., main theater lights off when movie starts, rope lighting on when paused, etc.) and manual control via keystrokes mapped from the remote to the FLIRC USB dongle. Homeseer also allows triggers to fire a Kodi event such as a doorbell ring causing the front door camera video feed to appear on the screen; a garage door opening causing an on-screen notification to appear, etc.Seating

- Octane Dream x4 (rear 20 feet)

- Ultimate Sacks x2 (front 13.5 feet)

Left to do

- rest of baseboards

- build false wall frames and cover with Sensa 9218

- sound treatments

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