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Desperately need help with fronts in new home theater

Speakers -
Hey all, long long time lurker, first time post. a bit of background first...

I have been rocking the wife approved pioneer andrew jones setup in the apartment living room for a few years, they have served me wonderfully, but we just moved, and I was so kindly given a basement room to work some magic on.

ROOM WILL BE 60% 4k streaming movies and shows, 20% football and live tv, 20% gaming. not much music down there.

BUDGET for the 3 fronts- i would love to stay under $1500, but not at the expense of near perfection. I am willing to go slightly over budget, but only for a major jump in quality and sound.

room is 13 ft wide, 33 ft long, 6'9" ceilings, with a soffit at about 5.5' 1 foot wide along one of the long walls. the second half of the room has a step up and ceilings back there are about 6'. in the middle of the long wall, across from the soffit wall is the doorway to enter the room, except there is no door. the room connected to it is roughly 200sqft, with 2 small basment windows. theater room has NO windows. listening position will be at 11-12 feet (flexible), most likely a sectional sofa, with the hot seat right in the middle of the room.

TV is a sony 75" 900 series 4k. it will be mounted, with a short maybe 5' wide cabinet on the floor centered under the TV. it will be fully enclosed in the front, so no components will be visible, the center channel will sit on top.

i wired the room for 5.2.4. 4 in ceiling speakers will be ceiling mounted, at same line as towers, front pair will be about 2.5 feet in front of listening position, and rear 2 will be same distance behind. they are about 5.5' apart front to back, and roughly 7 feet apart side to side.

equipment i already purchased-

- yamaha rx-a2070

- svs prime satellite speakers

- svs pb1000 x 2

- 4 jbl arena 6.5" ceiling speakers

I need to choose my fronts. I would love to power them all on the yammy, but fully understand that i may need an amp.

---NARROWED DOWN OPTIONS- PLEASE BE COMPLETELY HONEST (FYI- i dont have time to audition all of these speakers, Im in NJ, close to nyc, but with the job, and getting the new house in tip top shape for the family, i just cannot dedicate time to go around to different shops and audition speakers, nor order a bunch and return. I have enough stuff to return from amazon alone. I understand i am shooting in the dark here, but thats why i am here. Im sure i will love any of the following speakers in my setup, but am hoping i can make the best decision, and not be forced to return them after the fact)

1- KEF Q series - i can get 700s and 650C from accessories4less in my budget

2- KEF Q series - 550/650C brand new

3- KEF T series - they just dont seem so exciting

4- Paradigm Monitor SE 6000/2000c (least expensive option, would have plenty left in budget for amp)

5- Paradigm monitor 11 v7/ center 3

6- B&W 684s2/HTM62s2

7- SVS Prime towers and prime OR ultra center (would keep the 5.2 in the same family)

8- Elac Uni-fi UF5 (also would leave plenty $ for amp)

9- i hate do say it, and if there will be repercussions, i am prepared for it - Klipsch RP 280/260 and RP 450/440C

I am trying to get an order placed asap, i have been watching tv on an ipad pro since the move 2 weeks ago. i know, poor me. I appreciate any and all advice and thanks for taking the time to help a fella out!

PS. will be researching acoustic panels while i wait for some feedback, so any input on that would be awesome as well.

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