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Getting ready to pull trigger on Denon AVRX3400H need opinion and system review - TNX

Receivers, Amps, and Processors -
Just about wrapping up my system design with lot’s of help from forum member’s tnx!

My setup; a freestanding 19x33 gym and a 25x70’ deck, 60 feet away from the gym.

2 zones: 1 for gym, 1 for deck.

5 speakers in the gym with 2 subs.

4 speakers by the deck with 2 subs mounted/hidden right under the deck

The system will be used mainly for general music, 70’s 80’d top 100 etc, and some classical.

Was going to go wireless, but got talked into wired for better sound clarity.

So, here is what I have so far, hoping someone can suggest whether or not the Denon AVRX3400H 7.2 will be suitable for good stereo sound in the gym and at the deck. Just need to make sure people at the deck can dial in whatever music they like while I listen to whatever I want, in the gym.


Center chan: NHT Super Center 2.1 Center Channel Speaker

4 speakers in all 4 corners: NHT SuperOne 2.1 Bookshelf Speaker

Subs: 2 x SVS SB12-NSD - 12", 400-watt DSP Controlled


Speakers: 4x Klipsch AW-650 Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Sub1: SVS PB2000 12" 500-watt Powered Subwoofer (mounted under deck)

Sub2: SVS PB12-NSD Black Ash 12-inch 400 Watt (mounted under deck)


Any tweaks, suggestions much appreciated. Getting ready to pull the trigger and want to make sure I don’t have to send the Denon back due to nonperformance or compatibility problems. I went with the Denon for the wireless zone 2 control so my kids can just select their own music at the deck/pool using their iphone, and it appears the Denon will allow for that type of zone 2 control.

Also not sure if I need another amp to power the deck speakers?

Thanks so much!

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