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Going from DefTech Mythos to DefTech BP 9080X Setup?

Speakers -
Hello everyone. Longtime lurker, first time poster here. After some years, I've decided that I'd like to upgrade my sound system. I'm looking for advice as I've been a bit out of the loop over the last few years as to what the best decision making route or routes would be. I appreciate any and all help. I've already gone ahead and purchased a couple new items being a Denon X4400H receiver and LG OLED65B7A 65-Inch 4K OLED TV. I'm also interested in eventually picking up another amp to power a few of the key speakers as well.

I've attached a current rough but semi-accurate layout in regards to distance/size/placement etc. Black are the speakers/subs. Gray is the furniture. The outlines on the left side and behind the couch are windows. And the black bar on the right side just indicates the 15" drop down room divider.

1) Your budget.

My current plan is to sell all or the majority of my current equipment to offset whatever the costs of upgrading speakers will be. If you think I should keep certain pieces then feel free to let me know. Otherwise, yea its gotta go. If I can afford it, I prefer not to compromise quality of sound to save a few dollars unless it absolutely makes sense to do so.

2) Your listening interests: movies/gaming/music--and whether or not any of those are your primary concern.

45% Movies/TV 45% Gaming 9% Music 1% Misc

3) Your existing audio equipment (make/models) if any. Include comments about what you hope to improve upon.

I currently have an 11.2 Mythos / Definitive Technology setup which had moved from a large apartment to a smaller living room space in the last year. I’m looking to sell pretty much my entire home theater and add some updated bi-polar speakers which I hope will allow me to simplify the current clutter, while making it a slightly more kid friendly room when not in use. But when in use I hope to envelop the room with movie/video-game sound by utilizing the updated speakers and my new receivers Atmos/spatial positioning capabilities.



(Upgraded from the Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 65-Inch 3D Plasma)


Denon X4400H

(Upgraded from the Denon 4311cl)


Height L,R - Def Tech Mythos Gem XL

Center - Def Tech CS-8080HD

Front L,R - Def Tech Mythos ST

Wide L,R- Def Tech BP-8060ST

Side L,R - Def Tech Mythos ST

Rear L,R - Def Tech Mythos Gem XL


Sub 1 - Epik Empire Dual 15” Sub

Sub 2 - Def Tech Super Cube 8000 Powered Sub


Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amp (Powers the Front L,R Mythos ST’s)

4) The size of your room. Please also mention if there are adjacent open areas and how big they are (important for subwoofer choice).

When sitting on the couch centrally facing the television, there is a wall behind the TV, a wall with a window to the left of the main couch and another wall with a window behind the main couch. The right side of the room is completely open which leads right into our dining room. About 24 loosely rectangular feet from “window wall” to “window wall” of the tv / dining room space

Width = 13 ft

Length = 12 ft

Height = 8 ft

5) Any placement restrictions.

Two couches to work around with square glass tables/lamps on each side of the main couch. The other couch is docked to the right of the main couch, forming an L shape. An area rug with a wood coffee table in the middle of the room. Center channel sits on the top of a rectangular entertainment center made of wood/glass. Receiver/Amp is housed within the middle first and second shelf of this piece of furniture white the PS4 Pro/ Apple TV 4K / Cablebox / Nes Classic / Super Nes Classic / LG 4K Bluray Player. Otherwise Pergo flooring that sits on concrete and an obstruction free ceiling with the exception of a 15" "room divider" that hangs across the the ceiling.

6) Any aesthetic or size concerns.

As much as I'd love to, I unfortunately cant mount any speakers on any of the walls or put anything in or on the ceilings.

7) Any equipment you are already considering.

I recently purchased an LG OLED65B7A 65-Inch 4K OLED TV, a Denon AVR-X4400H, and an LG 4K UP970 Blu-ray Player. I'm looking at Amps to kick my speakers up a notch. Also subwoofer replacements for the Epik Empire Sub and possibly the DefTech Sub.

Currently looking to purchase:

4x - Definitive Tech BP-9080X for my Front L,R and Side L,R with 4x Atmos speakers included.

1x - Definitive Tech CS-9080 Center Channel

2x - Definitive SR-9080 for Rear Surrounds

8) Any particular audio sonic signatures you know you prefer (e.g., you are a basshead, you have a preference for bright treble, etc.)

Looking to be enveloped in more head turning surround sound than what currently exists. I enjoy my bass, but really just enjoy a dynamically tight/sonically balanced experience. Really looking for just enough is enough. And when I'd like to make my ears melt, I have that ability.

So yea, that's pretty much it. Does it make sense to sell all my speakers and just start over? Any suggestions, scoldings or genuine advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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