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I'm getting closer to the finish line and so decided to start a build thread in case I ever host a GTG. Started planning the basement finishing back when we moved in Sep 2014. Attached are the original plans for the whole basement. They have stayed generally the same throughout construction with minor tweaks to the larger hall area to accommodate a small bar area. I wanted to have a much larger theater area but also had a need to have an office and bedroom. I'm a software developer and currently my office is in our dining room. Getting anything done with two small children running around is a challenge.

I'll list out the equipment details up here so you no one has to scroll through construction related material to get to the fun part.

Video Equipment

Projector - Sony VPLHW40ES

Screen - Silver Ticket 120 inch AT


Samsung K8500 UHD player



Audio Equipment

AVR - Denon x4200w

Sub Amp - iNuke 6000dsp

Atmos Amp - Audiosource 100vs

Speakers - all DIYSG - HTM-10 (LCR) , Volt 6 Angled x4 (surrounds) , Volt 6 atmos x 2 (height)

Subwoofers - 2 Dayton Reference 18's in 2 Stonehenge cabinets from DIYSG


L Sectional with power recline from Nebraska Furniture Mart


Harmony Hub w/ Remote

GE Z Wave Dimmers

Samsung Smartthings Hub

I decided to take this project on myself. I had never done any kind of construction or really much of anything aside from minor home repairs. Construction started in March of 2016. I did hire out all the sheetrock work. My stairs coming down are tight so I didn't even want to bother hauling it down.

Some of the thought process and compromises that happened were mostly around dedicated room vs not and soundproofing. The dedicated room got vetoed by the wife and the soundproofing got axed because of the cost of soundproofing a non dedicated area. The things I did to try and assist a bit are a solid core door at the bottom of the stairs entering the basement. Then insulation between floor joist and all interior/exterior walls.

The main theater area is a 13 x 14 with 8 foot ceilings. The builders kindly ran a cold air trunk through the middle of the room. There was also a plumbing drain line down the middle. This would have made for an odd soffit and I really just wanted this space to be full height.

I'll fast forward the timeline because for a whole year it was frame a little bit then take a month or so break. March of 2017 was the time I decided to set a deadline and get this project done.

You can see the theater room framed in now and the drain line is moved right up against the I beam. The cold air trunk is on the other side of the I beam. Somehow it worked out well and I had an HVAC guy and my plumbing friend check it out for good measure.

Current status is. Sheetrock is done and I have the basement painted. The doors are in. Need to finish trim work and finish the plugs and switches. Carpet is scheduled to be installed on July 11th.

The distraction now is the speakers and subs.

I built a little media rack using the IKEA rast hack. Seems to work pretty well. This is going to be hidden away in my utilities/unfinished area.

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