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Can anyone make sense of this ad?

Dollars and Sense | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums -
Help me to translate this gibberish! Not that I have any interest in buying those, but just to keep my sanity!

Here it is

And the text:

Hifidelity Audio 3 way Tower Loudspeaker - $1500 Firm must sell to make room for bigger model. Come over for a listen. . $4,000 INVESTED - only 3 months old.

Before passing any judgement ,without question you will not find anywhere

A loudspeaker at 2x the money that will be this well built or refined .Over 30 years

Of experience and research went into this. Take any $4k mass produced speaker for example

The cabinet or parts are built to a Low price point which I have documented below

These are truly refined and built to last .Research the market

At $1500 you get made in China. less then 25% of the build actually

Goes into any commercially build speakers. These speakers $4,000 and 50% or more went into the build .If you take the time to hear them you will buy them ,

They are that good. My new speakers are 4x more and demand the space.

The cabinet - 1 inch thick front Baltic Birch ply - The Best A grade,everyother part same Baltic Birch

In 3/4 inch thick, separation chamber for Bass 3/4 inch thick 2 cubic ft internal volume 3 inch rear

Precision port . Internally laterally internally reinforced,as well as around Woofer .all Bostic Acoustic

Glue used throughout on every seam internally as well as in between joints and nailed.

For damping all internal vibration resonances. Upper Tweeter,Midrange 100% Natural Wool Felt used throughout,as well as back wall Acoustic damping rear wall. , for Bass cabinet 1/2 inch Acoustic

Open cell foam throughout.

Wiring top cabinet Supra - Sweden,high purity Copper AWG- 15, and for Bass - Supra AWG 13 high purity Copper.

All Speakers - drivers are crimped with NO SOLDER , use only Furutech 24k plated non magnetic Phosphor Bronze.

Which has effectively 6x more conductivity and much better sonic integrity then even the best solder.

The Crossover uses only Premium capacitors,inductors in all critical areas Hiigh frequency,Midrange .

German Mundorf- Supreme capacitors and Silver oil bypass caps for the Tweeter.

For the Midrange U.K - Clarity capacitor Best Copper C MR capacitors. For midbass- Low Bass- French Aeon power capacitors. INDUCTORS , Copper open core Jsntzen Denmark for Tweeter,Midrange. For midbass,lowbass Dayton - Solen Canada.

CROSSOVER connecting wire Neotech 5-9s pure Copper. Very minimal solder used to connect

Cardas,Best 4% Silver solder. The Loudspeaker terminals Cardas,Solid Copper for best possible


The Loudspeaker drivers for the Tweeter the Classic Morel - MDT-29 1.3inch soft dome cast frame Large Ferrite magnet fluid damped and cooled.

For the Midrange Dual - 4 inch Vifa- Peerless wood pulp graphite composite cone Mid driver with the latest Open architecture Cast baskets for most efficient cooling. .Neodymium Boron high flux magnets .

BASS is the 10 inch Scan speak- latest Classic series Aluminum anodyzed Cast basket long throw

Woofer. The Loudspeaker sensitivity is a Very efficient 90db at 1w, 4 ohms load 2nd order .crossover frequencies 200- Bass, 2500 Tweeter for seamless driver transition.

All drivers we're matched paired to 2% or better tolerences. Linkwitz Riley crossover,capacitors also matched to within 2% .This speaker is very easy to drive .Once the Loudspeaker was completed

Zebra wood laminate over the Baltic Birch for a Very inert cabinet. - to install. Over 40 hours went into this build.

This is a very High quality professionally designed Loudspeaker . Parts express assisted on the crossover design as well parts connection on driver- crossover parts. The Loudspeaker is still running in and is sounding Very refined and well balanced within its frequency band which is

30 hz to 25khz, AND WEIGH JUST OVER 70 LBS.This Loudspeaker is A precision instrument. Please note the Majority of Loudspeakers

$10,000 or under use a far less expensive build process. mdf cabinet, Not thick Baltic Birch ply which is 3x

More expensive. One more thing,the reason most manufacturers do not speak of or display the heart of the Loudspeaker the Crossover is that they use very average parts at best. there is Nothing made in China in this build.Did you know In all commercially built Loudspeakers 25% of the cost of the parts or less

Actually go into the build ,the rest overhead ,and 50% markup. In my Loudspeakers 70% goes Into the build of these Very labor intensive instruments. You will not find a better built Loudspeaker under $10k

That I can assure you , this is a Loudspeaker for the Audiophile who appreciates

Old world craftsmanship that will provide you many years of musical enjoyment ,Thank you .

Wow! It was a long one!


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