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Few questions with regards to G7 and A1E

Flat Panel General & New FP Tech -
Before we start, please no LG customer service sucks, Sonys kickstand sucks, no pricing issues. I'm more looking at some technical aspects from what I have read so far to help someone, and here are my observations that I want to be certain on:


- Motionflow is more reliable than Trumotion, if you care about that (I have owned older LG's and have a 940E now)

- Smooth Gradation cleans up poor sources

- Sony's choice on tone mapping is not liked by reviewers but seems to make more sense to me. Do not dim screen, just clip what it can't display.

- Limited on cal modes and controls compared to an LG (pro cal matters in this evaluation)

- DV is coming this month so that argument is out

- Android is not as good as Web Os (IMO)


- While Motionflow is better, LG's seems to work well with DB 0 DJ 2, just maybe some more artifacts

- Not as good near black as the Sony (LG has improved every year), but, Sony has a 2.2 gamma down low which reduces some of the pop when compared side by side according to reviewers

- When it comes to full calibration control of SDR, HDR, and DV, the LG is tops.

- Tone mapping of HDR lowers APL to preserve highlight details, which is a debated decision

- Personal view, G7 looks better than A1E

So anyone with experience on both have any more input I may be missing or am I misunderstanding anything? The main concern here in recommending one or the other is the tone mapping decisions. I get both, but the dimming of the image on the LG is a concern unless it is maybe portrayed to be worse than it is? If the user watched HDR10 in a dark room, then is it a big deal? Obviously, anything with DV won't matter, because it will perform better.

The new Panny player that can be made to tone map internally before sending out could also be a fix for the LG, set it around 1000 nits and the 4000 nit tone mapping curve would never come into play (I assume).

Thanks for any input anyone can add, here.

Their uses per week will be:

UHD Blu-ray - 10%

Amazon and Netflix 1080p/24 and 2160p SDR/HDR streaming 70%

Live sports - 20%

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