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Recommended receiver to get with LG C7 OLED Television

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I would like to realistically spend anywhere from $250 to $600 and I am willing to buy refurbished units from certain companies at least. I would be willing to spend up to $1000 but I would like to not have to do that. I live in a loft with good sound isolation between units but I still can't play movies at a crazy high rate. My listening will probably be 40% movies, 30% music and 30% regular TV.

I have an open space that is about 20 by 20 and am contemplating upgrading my good receiver (Yamaha V667) to something newer.

My setup:

1) 65" LG C7 OLED TV.

2) 5 Energy C-3 speakers. I use an Energy C-3 as my center channel as well.

2) Sony X800 Blu-ray player.

3) Original Xbox One -- works perfectly but there is a decent chance I sell it or at least remove it from this setup since I am not much of a gamer. I originally bought it primarily for its media capabilities and ability to play Blu-ray.

4) Xfinity cable. My cable box is by Pace and it is probably 2-3 years old. I am willing to try to talk with Comcast to get a new box if something is a lot more compatible/works better with modern receivers and the LG set. There is a chance I drop cable TV and just use some other internet based service to get a couple of key stations so having a setup where ARC works really well would be important.

My desires in descending order of importance.

1) sounds at least as good as my favorite receiver for sound quality that I have owned which was a Denon AVR-2807. I only sold the Denon since I didn't want to deal with switchers and it just didn't have enough modern HDMI inputs for me. I may or many not in the future add speakers that can take better advantage of Dolby Atmos but realistically I don't anticipate ever going beyond 5.1.2 and the 2 speakers would be upward facing since I don't have a dedicated home theater room. I even looked into the Sonos playbase and soundbars that work with wireless speakers and the Denos HEOS AVR but my gut tells me that the sound quality would not be what I am looking for.

2) Is fairly simple to use and integrates extremely well with my LG OLED TV and Comcast cable. Medium term no big deal to replace my new Sony Blu-ray player if need be but I will probably have the TV for 8-10 years. Ideally, I would like to have to use one remote the vast majority of the time. Ideally, one click to turn everything off and on. I know they have changed but I am a bit scarred from the Harmony remotes since mine didn't always work that well. I just got sick of fixing stuff with the Help button.

3) Ideally is compact/slim profile and offers support for wireless surround speakers. -- I have a Roomba vacuum so having less wires on the floor would be nice. I realize this priority conflicts with a bunch of my other priorities so realistically I am prepared to give it up but I am just listing it since its what I genuinely feel.

4) is reliable.

5) I find setting up speaker wires a pain given the cabinet I am dealing with and don't want to invest in new speaker cable so Denon's setup on some of their receivers at least appear to be advantageous.

6) works well with iPhone

7) works well with Amazon Alexa or at least may in the future with firmware updates

I realize my overall wish list is probably pointing to a receiver perhaps like the lowest Denon model with at least Audyssey MultEQ XT but just wanted to confirm in case Denon receivers don't work that well with the LG OLED TV's and other brands even Denon's sister brand of Marantz do work well.

Receivers I have researched the most are Denon 730/930/X1400/x2400/x3400/x4300/x4400(refurb)/Denon's HEOS AVR, Marantz 1608/1508, Sony 1080, and a bunch of Yamaha's. And one Anthem model.

Beside it not being on discount, what I don't like about the HEOS-AVR is you lose the auto calibration. My room is certainly a little harder than most to setup so I would like that automated help.

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