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For sale: KGSSHV - Unfinished for DIY, $4k worth of stuff

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-   United States

For sale is a KGSSHV just waiting to come to life! Complete in terms of parts, never turned on, not wired. I simply never got around to finishing it, and I'm out of the headphone game (Quad speakers have ruined me).

The total cost of all this stuff was nearly $4k. I'm hoping to recoup less than half of that, given this will require an experienced DIYer to finish (not an ideal project for a newbie). I really do need to get rid of this though, so please make an offer!!

BEAUTIFUL build, see pics

- RK50 Potentiometer on custom pcb!

- Offboard heatsink version

- On 90º angle brackets to in-body heatsinks

- Case drilled for ventilation

- Furutech rhodium XLR and RCA inputs

- Electronic input relay selector (1 set XLR, 3 sets RCA)

- Volume knob w/ countersunk acrylic diffuser for backlighting

- Input selector drilled for LED output indicators (ELMA 3P switch!)

- Dual headphone jacks

- 2-box build (1 amp, 1 power supply)

- SumR toroid (with spec sheet)

- AMB ?24/?24 power switch driver + transformer, driving a monster relay

- ~1 foot umbilical

- Satin Black front panels

Also includes:

- Half spool 600v wire

- Silver audio wire

- A few transistors, and assorted resistors, LEDs, molex, spacers, screws, fuses, etc.

- Replacement shorter PSU heatsinks (see below)

A few notes:

- I last touched this YEARS ago

- It goes without saying, you'll want to double check everything

- It has never been powered on

- The PSU heatsinks are a tiny bit too tall - the top of the PSU box won't close

- I am including shorter heatinks that I had planned on installing

- I had already soldered on the taller heatinks

- As a result, I tried - and failed - to desolder them

- As such, there's likely a bunch of flux and cleaning goop at the bottom of the PSU PCB - you'll need to work on this!!

This thing is somewhat heavy - will ship abroad if I must, but USA preferred for both our sakes


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