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Samsung 60F7100 vs 60F7500 vs 60F8000?

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After receiving no responses in the "help pick my new TV" thread, I thought to add in a thread in the main forum and see if I could get some assistance.

I'm trying to nail down my BF TV purchase and I think it's locked down to three Samsung options:

60F7100 - $1599.99 @ BF

60F7500 - $1999.99 @ BF

60F8000 - $2499.99 @ BF

From what I've seen, it looks like there's a significant jump from the 7100 to the 7500, though not as much with the 7500 to the 8000.

Going from the 7100 to the 7500 seems to be the following:

* Audio from DTS Studio Sound to DNSe+

* Micro Dimming with contrast only enhancement to Micro Dimming Pro with contrast/color/sharpness enhancement

* Clear Motion Rate increase from 720 to 960 (not that it's noticeable)

* Smart Evolution upgradable option

* Dual core CPU for Smart TV to Quad core CPU

Going from the 7500 to the 8000 seems to net the following:

* Clear Motion Rate from 960 to 1200 (again, would be hard to notice)

* Micro Dimming Pro with 288 zones to Micro Dimming Ultimate with 576 zones and Precision Black Local Dimming

* Speaker upgrade from stereo speakers to stereo speakers with subwoofer

* Loss of the swivel stand

The 7100 to 7500 upgrade seems like a significant set of upgrades for the $400 difference in price, especially with the option for Smart Evolution upgrade and MIcro Dimming to Micro Dimming Pro, plus the Quad Core CPU.

The 7500 to 8000 upgrade seems like less of a tangible upgrade for the $500 difference in price, since I've heard the differences between the 7500 PQ and the 8000 PQ can be hard to notice. The speaker upgrade isn't an option because the TV is likely to be hooked to a soundbar in the future.

Primary uses of the TV will be the Smart Apps for Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, Netflix and the like, plus a connected Tivo Premiere XL and a Samsung BD player for 2D and 3D BD playback.

I think I've convinced myself that the 7500 @ $1999.99 seems like the best option between the three, though the jump to the 8000 seems to be options I won't see much off. Also, the price for the 60" 7500 would also net out a 65" 7100 for the same cost.

It's been hard to find anyone on here that's looked at all three sets, mainly because there's not a lot of places that seem to have all three as most seem to have the 8000 and the 7100.

With the uses above, does the 7500 seem like the best option over the other two? .avs-threads-first-post-500x50 { width: 500px; height: 50px; } '); }

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