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Samsung UN40F6400 standby LED blink wont turn ON

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Its time to get expert help to fix my TV as its almost dead !!!

Its Samsung UN40F6400 and power board BN44-00622D

The problem is - When power up the TV - standby LED blink twice for 5 Times and relay click but not ON and cycle continue...

Based on advise from other thread on this forum and tested the below.

1. Disconnected Main board cable 20Pins (CNM803)

> LED backlight ON for half of the screen and half of screen flicker. Tear down the LCD panel and diffuser, found only top 3 Strip light UP and bottom 4 strips (2x2) flicker. So, removed the top 3 and swapped with bottom 4 LEDs but still top 3 is UP good and bottom same flicker.

Hope the LED strips are found to be good - Please concure.

2. Voltage measurement without Main board and LED panel connection

Power supply @ CNM803

OD On/Off - 3v

B13V - 13v

B5v - 5v

DIM1,2,3,4 - 3V

A5V- 5v

BLU on/off - 5v

Power On/off - 3v


LED Driver - Legend

Ch 1-60v

Ch 2,34 - 120v

with/without LED

CM851/CNM852 - 46v/67v

CNM853 - 17v/35v


Booster reading

Measurement without LED panel connection

Ch 1 - 70V (c9106)

Ch 2,3,4 - 150v (c9206/c9306/c9406)

Measurement with LED connection

Ch 1 - 44V (c9106)

Ch 2,3,4 - 85v (c9206/c9306/c9406)

HOT Caps reading (with/without LED)

CP810S - 305v / 396V

CP814S - 305v / 396Vc


anyone has schematics of BN44-0622D ?

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