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Speaker recommendations and review of surround plan needed for dedicated theater 7.2

Speakers -
I am fine tuning my plan before building out my theater in a couple months. I am trying to do this room right but really do not have much equipment experience (only had a few 5.1 systems to date) this room is planned for 7.2 and I am having some doubts.

Drywall shell is up looking forward to making it look like a theater soon

Room specs - see thumbnail(build link in signature)

Width 130" x length 255" x height 105.5"

120" wide 16:9 AT screen -31" behind screen

Plan is for absorption on front wall and backwall between columns, all cavities will be insulated, carpeted stage and riser and wall absorption as needed limmited to upper wall panel design.

I own the LCR from years ago, plan to upgrade in future not sure how much of a priority it will be, future recommendations appreciated, price range around 300-600 each.

LR - Polk tsi300 20 deg (behind AT screen, 17 inches off side wall.

C - Polk cs-10 0 deg (behind AT screen)

Concerned about how narrow the front stage will be but room is only 130" W.

I do not own anything else, so I need help, but I also don't know what LCR I will end up with in the end, don't know if that matters.

Surrounds will be hidden in 7x18 columns, depth will be limited by 7 inches of space (fabric to back wall), I could make that 8" but it would require a slight redesign, I also don't know how far off the wall the speakers must be. The columns fabric front will be 12 inches wide, the side will be solid wood.

SS - 106 deg, would prefer bipole dipole but given only column fronts will be fabric I am thinking of using monopoles. Budget around 150 each. If that's not realistic let me know.

RS - 153 deg, monopoles, same budget.

Considering height speakers if could be placed behind AT screen or in top of columns. Not liking the "atmos upfiring speaker" at the moment. Don't want to cut into the double drywall soundproof shell, but the soffit area is available if that works.

Subs - don't know much here, planning for two on front wall, but I will also wire two for back wall. (Back wall depth may be limited to 18" so I am not sure thats a real option. Budget 500 per.

Receiver - was looking at a denon Avr x3400h 9.2, IP control is important.

So any advice on what I could do to optimize the room, or any real issues with the layout, product recommendations, especially surrounds to fit in columns.

All feedback is much appreciated

Thanks guys

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