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Upgrading from HTIB

Speakers -
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to do some upgrading from my cheap-o Onkyo HT-S3500 setup. For what it is, it has worked well, but I'm looking to make some upgrades for 4K HDR and Atmos. The following below is what I'm looking to upgrade, and looking for thoughts. The wife has set a budget around $600, I do have a bit of wiggle room.

1) Receiver - The current receiver not supporting Atmos or 4K isn't going to cut it. So I'm looking at the AVR-S920W, since it's on sale at A4L, bringing it close to the cost of the AVR-S720W.

Expected cost: $269.99

2) Front Speakers - I see a lot of people around here like the Sony Core's, obviously they're not as cheap as they were back over the holidays, but I see open box sales on Amazon for a decent deal.

Expected cost: $100 - $150

3) Subwoofer - The subwoofer that came with the HTIB is passive, so I'm thinking that will need to be replaced as well. This would be going in our living room by the way, which is pretty small. Due to the budget I was thinking on doing a Dayton Audio Sub-1000.

Expected cost: $109 (with current sale on Parts-Express).

4) Center Channel - This is what I'm not sure on. I've read that you should match your front speakers, but then I've read mixed reviews on the Sony Core center speaker. I can't say I have any complaints about the center channel I have now, but I also know it's one of the most important speakers in the system.

Expected cost: $75-150

5) Atmos - I've read mixed things on the "Atmos enabled" speakers. I was thinking about trying a set of Pioneer SP-T22A-LR's. We have a flat ceiling which should be "best case scenario" for the whole bouncing sound thing. I'm less worried about performance here, but I would like to dabble in the atmosphere tech.

Expected cost - $99

Some other notes...

- Originally I was looking at the Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR's, because they have the atmosphere speaker built in, but from reading reviews I think the Sony Core's would be a better investment.

- I considered the Monoprice 9723 subwoofer, but I haven't seen a lot of information about it's actual performance, and I've read about humming issues, which brought me to the Sub-1000. If someone has more opinions on this, I'm interested.

- I'm planning on just keeping the surrounds I have now, as I know they're not as important as front speakers.

So... On to the questions....

1) Upgrade priority. I'm thinking I won't have the funds to get everything at once, so something might have to wait a bit. Can I get by keeping the current center channel for awhile? If I have to wait on something, what should it be? What is the must upgrade in the bunch?

2) Any good center channel recommendations to go with the Sony Cores (that don't break the bank )?

3) Any opinions an the Monoprice 9723 vs Sub-1000?

4) Anyone have experience with the Pioneer SP-T22A-LR's?

Thanks for all your help.

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