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3.1 wall mounted tv home theater help, ideas and advice

Dedicated Theater Design & Construction -
Hello avsforum frequenters,

I would like some guidance from you guys on the plans for my entertainment centre at home.

I am a first time poster so pardon any mistakes.

General information

- I am from Germany, so prices and availability may differ to what you are familiar with.

- Viewing distance is about 4m (13 ft).

- Budget can be stretched up to ~3000€.

- 3.1 sound system does suffice.

- In-wall speakers are no option for me.

- I want a solid tv since I don’t really like projector images (when regarding my price class).

Room, placement and television

First off – the room (see attached images):

7m (23ft) x 4,8m (16ft) x 2,6m (8,5ft) with a large window front at the end of the long section.

The room is fairly large and the only possible spot (for a tv > 40 inches with speakers next to it) is 4m (13ft) away from the seating position. And this is located above downgoing stairs, so everything has to be wall mounted.

I already ditched the idea of a 55” model (and thus sadly oled because of the steeper price tag), but general census seems to be that 65” is too small for that distance either. So

1) Is a 75” model the only possibility for me? I know, I have seen viewing distance charts on various sites... If so I can forget any model from 2018/2017.

2) If considering a 65-inch model (and my budget), would the Sony KD 65XE9005 (x900e) ~1500€ be my best bet? Note: TCL/Vizio and most budget options are not available here.

3) Will I run into any problems (sound wise) if I wall mount the LCR speakers with a mount or a simple wooden plank?

Sound system

After reading hundreds of reviews and post in various threads, I kind of fell in love with KEF. I’m either considering Q100 + Q200c or (close to double the price) Q350 + Q650c. Although I’m checking for cheap Klipsch/Elac speakers as well. Floorstanding speakers are unfortunately no option since the speakers will have to be wall mounted.

4) Regarding the size of my room, do you reckon any of the considered setups will perform subpar?

5) Which subwoofer should I pair the given speakers with? KEFs options are quite expensive and limited, thus I'm leaning towards Klipsch. Note: BIC/Dayton/Emotiva/HSU/Rhythmik and most other US brands are not available.


Before I deeply read into this matter, I acquired a Denon 2113 receiver for 50€ - great deal, but

6) If I want to enjoy 4k content I need a newer model since the 2113 does not provide HDMI 2.0, correct?

7) If so, which is the best for you buck 5.1 (do not need anything higher) receiver you can recommend for me?


This list does not include every option and could be seen as a potential overview.


- Sony 65XE9005 1500€

- LG 75UJ675V 1500€

Speakers (pair price):

- KEF Q100 300€

- KEF Q200c 350€

- KEF Q350 550€

- KEF Q650c 550€

- (used) KEF LS50 650€

- ELAC debut B5 225€

- ELAC debut B6 400€

- JNL LSR305 220€

- Klipsch R-15M 215€

- Klipsch R-15PM 375€


- Klipsch R-12 SW 300€

These would be the matters I would like some opinions/advise on. If I forget/neglected or you noticed something, please feel free to add it.


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